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Network Development Head – Continental Europe

Neil Burnard has three decades of experience in the financial and consultancy industries. He has worked with a number of multinational companies and smaller business’s assisting them with their growth and development.

Neil currently holds the position as Network Development Head – Continental Europe providing distribution consultancy services to Expense Reduction Analysts. His current role is to assist Expense Reduction Analysts and their European Area Development Managers across Continental Europe, including : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovakia, Norway, Romania, Croatia.

Expense Reduction Analysts is a world leading Cost Management Consultancy operating in over 30 countries globally.

As the Network Development Head – Continental Europe; Neil is empowered to assist the group to build on its current success.

Neil is actively working with Expense Reduction Analysts Area Development Managers in Continental Europe, assisting them in locating suitably qualified Consulting Partners within the Expense Reduction European Network.

Suitable Partners include Managers who have specialist knowledge in the areas of: Expense Management and Analysis, Project Management, Business Consultants, and Client Development Partners.

Expense Reduction Analysts’ (ERA) consulting partners focus on increasing the bottom line of corporations through efficiency practices. Being “lean” is a goal for large companies as they search for profit growth and shareholder equity maximization. Expense Reduction Analysts are driven to help firms achieve that goal.

Professional Experience 

Shortly after at the age of 21 Neil secured a role within financial services in the UK. He was a Financial Representative for Liberty Life. He was successful within the role, soon becoming a Division Manager running a sales team and managing clients.

Neil continued in the role of business development manager holding senior product distribution positions with Adriatic Life and was awarded the honor of Business Development Manager of the year.

He then took a similar role at Friends Provident and soon became the leading Business Development Manager again, before being promoted to Branch manager status with over 25 staff and 300 distribution agents.

It was whilst he was working for Friends Provident that Neil realized that he could significantly improve his own professional value by learning the detailed technical aspects of his competitors products. He studied for and obtained a Business Administration Degree with a focus on insurance contract law.

With his corporate and technical understanding of competitor products, Neil became a valuable technical resource as well as a highly knowledgeable sales and marketing resource within the network he managed. He was able to provide assistance with complex business situations in order to provide support and advice to the consultancy network. He was one of only a handful of managers to progress through to National management from the Sales & Marketing divisions when he became a State Manager.

Neil took a step away from Multinational large companies and accepted a role as Director of Corporate Services at the forward thinking, progressive financial services provider Charterbridge, where he was a Director and Shareholder. Neil with the rest of the executive management team grew the business successfully over a 10 year period.

Neil left Charterbridge after 10 years following the part acquisition of the group by Royal Sun Alliance in a deal he helped to negotiate. At this time Neil elected to exit the business and sold his shareholding in order to spend more time travelling with his wife and young family.

In 2002, Neil worked with the International Consultancy business Expense Reduction Analysts, where he aided the group with business development and new partner acquisition.

He also provided part time consultancy to a distributor of specialist property investments. Neil was again involved in product distribution and his main role was to meet with independent finance houses and their research staff who carried out due diligence on behalf of their financial adviser clients.

In 2006 following the start of the downturn in property business, ahead of the global recession, Neil resigned from his position. Due to the global recession combined with his ongoing interest in the expense reduction sector, Neil researched related opportunities and in 2008 finalised the Envirosave concept. Envirosave provided businesses with Carbon Reduction and Environmental Energy Management Plans.

In 2009 Neil moved the Envirosave concept to the UK where due to the nature of Government Policies around green issues and carbon management, Envirosave would be more effective and successful. Neil whilst owning and running the business was also a Senior Consultant having obtained his certification from the Energy Institute to provide certified Environmental Energy Plans to ISO 14001 standard. In addition Neil also took the SAI Global Auditors course for the Implementation of Environmental Management Plans.

With Neil’s understanding of the importance of human behavior when it comes to corporate energy management the Envirosave process looks in depth at engaging employees within the process, a subject which Neil has written a series of articles on.

Since its creation 5 years ago, Envirosave has had a growing client base and partners with cost reduction and relevant IT services business, some of which Neil has taken a stake holding in. These included an online backup service business, following on from the increased powers from the ICO in relation to Data Security.

The Envirosave process now includes a financial model which shows businesses how to dramatically reduce their IT costs and infrastructure. Neil has worked closely with Proxar IT a London based IT consultancy developing and implementing the model across their London based clientele.

Expense Reduction Analysts

Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) is an international consultancy that specializes in cost reduction for businesses. By focusing on non-core/G&A expenses, consultants help businesses save money without compromising service levels or quality. With these savings, our clients are able to preserve headcount, invest in their business or simply improve their balance sheet.

Master Franchise Connections

At MFC, we achieve our objective by helping our clients find and select suitable Business Partners. Selected Business Partners benefit from the tried, tested, and proven business models and systems of MFC. New Partners set out to replicate the previous success experienced by Business Partners in other International markets within their home County or Region. Master License holders are able to both build a profitable business and sell Consultant licenses within their Country of Region.


Neil Burnard is the Owner and Inventor of the Envirosave concept. He is Environmental Energy Planning certificated (ISO 14001) and works with large SMEs and corporate organizations to reduce their energy costs, carbon footprint and integrate energy management into the organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility programs and wider business culture. 

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