Neil Burnard’s philosophy on life is directly linked to his ‘next adventure’ attitude and his passion for travel. ‘Life is a journey’ is one of Neil’s core beliefs.

He also believes that the earth is so incredibly diverse and offers so many experiences. This is reflected in his travel destinations and activities, which include riding a BMW motorcycle across South America, white water river rafting down the Zambezi and in Nepal. He has also travelled to India, Asia, Europe, Africa, United States of America and Canada.

He considers himself an open, honest person and genuinely cares about the people who work for him. Traditional values are important to Neil and he enjoys the closeness of his family. He likes to do good and help out others when he can. When work commitments allow, he is active in supporting the local community and village schools during events and personally donates to various charities.

Neil doesn’t like to be surrounded by people with negative outlooks and
professionally is disappointed when people waste their talents.

A creative cook, whose culinary tastes follow his travel destinations, he enjoys foods including pasta, Indian and Asian food. When he cooks he likes to ‘throw it all together’ rather than follow a recipe. He has a decent knowledge of wine and has been wine tasting whilst traveling.

A follower of Motor sport, he especially likes MotoGP and when he can, he visits his local motor sport circuit, Brands Hatch.
He currently drives a BMW X5, and has previously owned Porsches including CS4’s, his favourite car having been a 944 Convertible.

His goal is to own a classic like an E Type or X120 Jaguar in the future.

Neil’s preferred reading tends to be non-fiction and his favorites include Nelson Mandela’s Long walk to Freedom, South by Ernest Shackleton and Psychology books by Arthur Sacks.

Neil’s first business venture started when he was 13/14 when he had gardening and car washing rounds along with repairing and reselling bicycles.